Advanced Modelling Techniques In Structural Design

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The successful design and construction of iconic new buildings relies on a range of advanced technologies, in particular on advanced modelling techniques

Advanced Modelling Techniques in Structural Design introduces numerical analysis methods to both students and design practitioners

In response to the increasingly complex buildings demanded by clients and architects, structural engineers have developed a range of sophisticated modelling software to carry out the necessary structural analysis and design work

It illustrates the modelling techniques used to solve structural design problems, covering most of the issues that an engineer might face, including lateral stability design of tall buildings earthquake progressive collapse fire, blast and vibration analysis non-linear geometric analysis and buckling analysis

Resolution of these design problems are demonstrated using a range of prestigious projects around the world, including the Buji Khalifa Willis Towers Taipei 101 the Gherkin Millennium Bridge Millau viaduct and the Forth Bridge, illustrating the practical steps required to begin a modelling exercise and showing how to select appropriate software tools to address specific design problems.